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Monday, 1st March 2020 

Post-separation abuse will become a criminal offence to protect victims

Today the government has announced the controlling or coercive behaviour offence will be extended to include abuse where perpetrators and victims no longer live together. This is a vital step forward recognising the full breadth of domestic abuse and that abuse does not stop when a victim leaves an abusive partner. This law will give more victims a voice and the vital protection they have long needed.

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Saturday, 13th March 2020 

#NotAllMen fails to understand the role we play in holding abusive men to account

Amid the horrific and saddening news of the murder of Sarah Everard I write today in the Telegraph asking why are so few men engaging on the issue of violence against women?

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Tea with Changemakers Podcast: discussing how to engage more men on tackling male violence against women.

Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Having chosen not to do interviews about my experiences of domestic abuse for more than a year for personal reasons, I'm glad to be back engaging again and most importantly discussing how to engage more men on tackling male violence against women. Many thanks to Social Change UK.

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Lenient sentences for domestic abuse killings send a dangerous message

Tuesday, 23rd February 2020 

When I read last week that pensioner Anthony Williams was sentenced to just five years in prison for the manslaughter of his wife Ruth I was left in disbelief. How could it be deemed acceptable that a man intent on harming his wife will be allowed to walk free after what will realistically amount to a couple of years?

Today I've written in the Metro to share my thoughts on the dangerous message this sentencing sends victims of domestic abuse.

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Fatal Domestic Abuse Reporting

Wednesday, 8th, December 2020 

Two in three families bereaved by fatal domestic abuse have had their grieving process damaged by the press. These are the findings of a landmark report published today surveying 15 families bereaved by fatal domestic abuse.

This report, a collaboration between myself, Level Up, the feminist campaign group and AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse), a domestic homicide review charity, is pushing to help create better reporting standards.

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