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Home Secretary Secretary's comments on spiking and coercing women are unacceptable

25th December 2023 

David is quoted in the Mirror about Home Secretary James Cleverly's joke about spiking his wife's drink and coercing women made to a female Conservative MP and calls for his resignation.


"No domestic abuse services, women’s orgs nor victims/domestic abuse commissioners should be expected to take James Cleverly seriously in his duty to lead on tackling VAWG now. These groups dedicate their entire lives to this work, meanwhile he makes jokes about it. Resign."


TALK: Sutton Women's Centre 'Building a Safe Sutton for Women and Girls' Conference.

30th November2023 

David speaks at the 'Building a Safer Sutton for Women and Girls Conference' for Sutton Women's Centre. David's talk centre on the question, why are so few men engaging on the issues of male violence against women? As well as the urgent need to address the global epidemic of male violence against women, citing alarming statistics and the surge in violence and what men can do.


TALK: FREEDA 'Our future, free from abuse' White Ribbon Day Event

23rd November2023 

David speaks at the White Ribbon Day event at FREEDA, formerly known as Jersey Women’s Refuge. As well as meeting persons from the legal profession across Jersey for a conversation around domestic abuse, David joins a panel discussion about how to engage men in tackling male violence against women alongside Kate Wright, chair of the VAWG taskforce; Suki Sandhu, a leading UK specialist in diversity; Matt Falla, managing director of Evelyn Partners, and founder of Man Club in Jersey.


Coverage of David's talk is reported in the Jersey Evening Post where he speaks about Jersey landmark Violence Against Women and Girls Taskforce report, that tackles the safety provisions missing in legislation and law on the island.


Guardian Op-Ed:  'It was right for Mason Greenwood to go, but football clubs shouldn’t be making such decisions alone'

22nd August 2023 

David writes in The Guardian today about Mason Greenwood's exit from Manchester United and raises deep concerns over whether clubs can be trusted to act as judge and jury over serious allegations involving their talent. Is it time for the league to create an independent body to investigate player behaviour?

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TALK: Women's Aid Belfast & Lisburn 'Silent Voices' Conference

26th May 2023 

David speaks at the annual conference for Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid held at Titanic Belfast, with the theme of ‘Silent Voices: What is not being said?’. His talk centers on the voices of child victims of domestic abuse and the need to better understand the impact of cumulative psychological violence on victims.

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19th March 2023 

Why Mason Greenwood’s return to Manchester United would silence victims of sexual violence

The future of Mason Greenwood’s career at Manchester United has been hanging over the club since his arrest in January last year, as a lifelong supporter of United and survivor of domestic abuse, new reports that the club are now considering his return have left many fans including myself deeply concerned. 

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13th February February 2023 

INTERVIEW with Times Radio about obsession with true crime 

David speaks to Times Radio about his latest Substack about our obsession with true crime amidst the disappearance of Nicola Bulley and the arrival of internet sleuths/influencers to the village she went missing.

Listen back from 03:42:20 HERE

12th February February 2023 

INTERVIEW with LBC about fatal domestic abuse reporting

Amidst the victim blaming reporting on the Mail Online of Emma Pattison who was murdered alongside her daughter, Letti, by George Pattison, David speaks to Ben Kentish on LBC why language in media reporting matters and why need for the press regulator, Ipso, to adopt fatal domestic abuse reporting guidelines is as urgent as ever.

Listen back from 01:40:50 HERE

11th February February 2023 

True crime: when voyeurism becomes harmful and exploitative

As internet sleuths and social media influencers descend onto the Lancashire village where Nicola Bulley went missing, causing family distress and police disruption, I investigate if the obsession with true crime finally gone too far? 

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23rd January2023 

Are police accounts using #NotAllPolice to silence women speaking out?

All eyes are on the Met as they fight to keep Britain's largest police force from the chopping block, but are online police accounts derailing the work ahead?

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Substack launch

Saturday, 10th December 2022

I'm happy to announce I am now on Substack. My work has lead me to publish my writings on multiple news outlets from The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Times and The Telegraph and many more, but on Substack I want the freedom to explore stories in more depth and do some things different. Some articles will be short reflections, others deep dives, all intended to give a perspective to you that is not widely covered. Who knows, maybe an audio interview with people I greatly admire could be in the future. Everything and anything is possible, so subscribe and find out.

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Flying the burning nest

15th January 2023

As Prince Harry's memoir details life in the gilded cage, can the family image of monarchy past show itself to be anything but the abusive image it’s always been? I investigate in my new long-read how Harry's allegations of manipulation and control are deeply concerning or the future of the Royal Family.

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Monday, 1st March 2020 

Post-separation abuse will become a criminal offence to protect victims

Today the government has announced the controlling or coercive behaviour offence will be extended to include abuse where perpetrators and victims no longer live together. This is a vital step forward recognising the full breadth of domestic abuse and that abuse does not stop when a victim leaves an abusive partner. This law will give more victims a voice and the vital protection they have long needed.

Statement: Read More

Saturday, 13th March 2020 

#NotAllMen fails to understand the role we play in holding abusive men to account

Amid the horrific and saddening news of the murder of Sarah Everard I write today in the Telegraph asking why are so few men engaging on the issue of violence against women?

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Tea with Changemakers Podcast: discussing how to engage more men on tackling male violence against women.

Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Having chosen not to do interviews about my experiences of domestic abuse for more than a year for personal reasons, I'm glad to be back engaging again and most importantly discussing how to engage more men on tackling male violence against women. Many thanks to Social Change UK.

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Lenient sentences for domestic abuse killings send a dangerous message

Tuesday, 23rd February 2020 

When I read last week that pensioner Anthony Williams was sentenced to just five years in prison for the manslaughter of his wife Ruth I was left in disbelief. How could it be deemed acceptable that a man intent on harming his wife will be allowed to walk free after what will realistically amount to a couple of years?

Today I've written in the Metro to share my thoughts on the dangerous message this sentencing sends victims of domestic abuse.

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Fatal Domestic Abuse Reporting

Wednesday, 8th, December 2020 

Two in three families bereaved by fatal domestic abuse have had their grieving process damaged by the press. These are the findings of a landmark report published today surveying 15 families bereaved by fatal domestic abuse.

This report, a collaboration between myself, Level Up, the feminist campaign group and AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse), a domestic homicide review charity, is pushing to help create better reporting standards.

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